Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sundays in Bed

Happy Sunday my loves! I hope your day treats you well as mine is jam-packed. Coffee will be needed and oh, if someone had brought me breakfast in bed this morning, I would have been the happiest girl alive. But I settled for cereal, so there's that. Anyway, moving on to the good stuff...

The city takes a breath on Sunday.

1. Just discovered the cutest blog via Pinterest! I'm in love, and it's where the photo above came from... Check it out here!

2. A touch of encouragement for you this week.

3. Anyone else swooning over the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? In case you missed my picks. Shop away! It's the sale of. the. year.

4. I did a similar Carrie Bradshaw post a few months back, and it ended up being a super popular post! How does mine compare to this one

5. If you're going to mix prints, go big or go home! Love Hallie's look from A Pink Mess {should have known I'd like it, it's all pink}.

6. 40% off shorts and swim at J. Crew? This really is the best week ever.

8. How cute would this jacket be for fall? Olivia Palermo liked it, so it's a shoe in for my closet sooner or later!

9. I know just how I'd style this skirt for fall. There's a really great chance this bag will be involved, because yes, one year following the original release of the Kate Spade Beau Bag, I'm still obsessed.



Christine Pearson said...

LOVE your blog! Keep up the great work :) So excited about the JCrew sale ahhh

Austen said...

Ok I am literally obsessed with that Ariana Grande song it's sooooo catchy!! And can't wait to read the Nordstrom post- it's the only time of year that really matters, right?

Emily Blauvelt said...

Absolutely! And I know, it's actually been on repeat all day...

Emily Blauvelt said...

Thanks so much! Stock up on those summer shorts :)