I've been so excited about starting a blog for quite some time now, and I'm amazed at the response it's gotten thus far! This blog is dedicated to my daily thoughts, goals and dreams for life, and my undying love for clothes, travel, and all things Pinterest. It's also an outlet for me to start dealing with my shopaholicism (although I like to look at it as helping the economy...).

I'm currently a student studying Public Communications and Applied Design in the northeast. I'm really good at making up too-good-to-be-true scenarios in my head (I'm talking Taylor Swift fairy-tale scenarios), my favorite place in the world is Paris, I dream big and I live far beyond my means (whoops!).

My family and friends are my life and the only reason I'm able to stay mildly sane; also I may have an obsession with moscato and my friends are all self-proclaimed wine-os.

My perfect Friday night in is a date with my bed and Netflix/Hulu/all the TV shows I missed during the week, a glass of wine or cup of decaf (depends on my mood), and cookies are usually involved. I think Mindy Kaling is the role model that all girls should turn to. She's literally the best and "The Mindy Project" has renewed my hope of living happily while still being able to eat sweets and not be a size two. I'll keep my big booty if it means I can indulge once in a while. Call me boring, but I'm happy and that's all that matters right?

Stay classy!

OH! Also, thanks for even taking the time to come to this page because it's pretty cool that you even remotely care who I am. And if you accidentally managed to get here somehow, well then at least now you know how awesome Mindy Kaling is.

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