Monday, June 23, 2014

When You Believe in Something

I got back from Mexico safe and sound yesterday, and tomorrow I am off to Disney World with my family! A hectic two weeks, but fun none the less. After spending all last night doing laundry so I'd be prepared for our drive down to Providence today, it's safe to say I'm pretty exhausted. Excited to be going to Disney, not so excited my parents chose to fly us out of an airport that is five (yes, FIVE) hours away from home.

But, I can't really complain because I'm lucky enough to still be going on vacation with them at 20. It's likely to be one of my last family vacations for a long time (seeing as after next year I have to actually be a real grown up...), so I'm planning on cherishing the time I get to spend with my family in our favorite place! Yes, we may or may not call Disney World our home away from home. My brother insists he doesn't like Disney, but I think he secretly enjoys it! Not that he'll ever admit it...

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer Flip Flops

We landed safe and sound yesterday in Mexico! And oh my, is it gorgeous! Our resort is fantastic and it's all inclusive ;) The sun and the pool bar sand is calling my name, so this post will be a quick one! Hope all is well wherever you are!

I've been rocking flip flops for a month or so now, but as of late my all around shoe fetish has really just become a flip flop fetish. #guilty 

I'm partial to my Jacks in every way possible when it comes to flip flops and sandals. I love them. I'll be the first to admit my feet start to hurt after an extended period of time walking in them though. Although, I'll take the pain with the style I suppose. By the end of the summer I plan on investing in a new pair of Jacks and yes, I might be a little, too excited about it. Call me a flip-flop snob. But you can't wear Jacks all the time, right? (Highly debatable, I know...) so included at the bottom of this post are some equally as cute alternatives!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Lose Sight of Shore

As you read this I'm on my way to Mexico with Taylor and Julie, two of my best friends from high school (and my new roomies!). Jealous? I'm so excited to finally be on vacation. We booked this trip kind of spur of the moment back in February or March and have been waiting for it ever since! Cancun, here we come!

Leaving America to head to Mexico hasn't exactly done wonders for my nerves. I am not the world's best traveler. It's a little better when I'm on trips alone or with friends. Anyone else feel like traveling with their whole family is extra stressful?? I love them, but I'm a significantly better solo traveler. (Sorry parentals.)

Last summer when my friend Kate and I went to Europe for two weeks, I found during the weeks leading up to our trip that I was just an anxiety-ridden mess. Granted, this was before I realized just how bad my anxiety was, but still. I was surprised to find that I've been feeling the same way since I got back from DC a few weeks ago.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

She Loved Three Things...

Do you ever ask yourself what three things you love most in this world? They don't have to be people, they don't have to be tangible objects, they can be moments, songs, memories, feelings, and so on. But really, how often do you ask yourself what you love most about this world or about your life and role in it?

My guess is not very often.

I know we all try to count our blessings before we fall asleep, but to be honest once I hit middle school my nighttime ritual of reading the daily thought in my little kid's "Be Thankful" book that my Nana got me completely went out the window. I mean, I know we outgrow things, but I kind of really liked ending my days that way. It always made me feel hopeful for the next day, even if the past 24 hours had been a 10-year old's version of a living hell (and trust me, that doesn't take much.)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sundays in Bed

Normally my posts start with a picture of a bed (hence the "Sundays in Bed" thing...), but for this post I thought I'd go with a relaxing by the pool theme. Seeing as I spent almost all day yesterday chilling by the pool with friends, I felt it appropriate. By the way, Luke Bryan was amazing. I think he got cuter since I saw him last year, which I didn't think was possible. Also, my voice took a hit from the concert-- probably won't catch me singing for a while!

This week has kind of been a whirlwind between packing (or rather, procrastinating on packing) and traveling, but it's been a fun week nonetheless! Tonight I'm packing up the last of my things and tomorrow morning I move into my apartment! Hard to believe. Yesterday my friend Caitlyn was talking about how weird it is we're all pretty much grown up now (she landed an awesome internship in DC for the summer), and yeah, it's all starting to kind of hit me. We're grown ups now.