Tuesday, July 1, 2014

10 Things About Traveling to Disney

For those of you who know me, I have always loved Disney. I had every single word to The Little Mermaid's "Part of Your World" memorized and I used to perform it for my family at my Nana's house whenever possible. When I'm in Disney, seeing the princesses is still my favorite part. It's a lot of walking, a lot of cool rides, and a lot of awesome shows (and fantastic fireworks!) But for those of you who haven't been to Disney, be warned: it's not all fun and games.

Believe it or not, this (below) is what most people look like while at Disney.

Grumpy. And hot. 

Behold! Disney. The happiest place on earth where everyone is miserable!

*Note: If traveling with small children, the heat and grumpiness due to the heat is only made worse by screaming children, strollers, and gross bathrooms where you inevitably have to change someone's diaper at some point in time.

The 10 Harsh Realities About Disney World.

1. You'll more than likely walk 5-7 miles a day in the hot, Florida sun. So if you think you'll be waking up early every morning to hit the gym, all the while staying energized throughout the entire day, you're kidding yourself.

2. Most of your day will be spent waiting in lines, unless you Fastpass+ everything (but you can only FP two of the more popular rides [read: Splash Mountain, Mount Everest] per day). And don't be fooled, lines at Disney can last up to two hours (or more!)... most of which are sans-air conditioning.

3. The majority of the rides that you spent so long waiting for last approximately 3-5 minutes and are over before you know it. But hey, those 3-5 minutes are super fun!

4. Shows fill up quick and are mostly just a way to escape the horrible Florida heat (and humidity). In other words, be prepared for CROWDS. CROWDS. CROWDS. It's like, borderline Times Square crowded, except for it's like that everywhere.

5. Cool down in the pool mid-afternoon, between parks? Lol. No. Forget a nice, refreshing dip and be prepared to swim in bath-tub temperature water.

6. Basically you can expect to be sweating from the time you leave your hotel room until 8pm. So, for most people in Disney that's at least eight full hours of sweating. #wearyourdeodorant

7. Animal Kingdom smells like s***. But, yes, the animals and Mount Everest make it worth it.

8. There will rarely be a time when your entire family (or whoever you're traveling with) is happy. More than likely, at any given point, someone will feel like this:

But hey, that's family, right?

9. There will be loads of people who make you feel better about yourself. Especially when you're standing in line and listening to the girl behind you yell at her mom about how her father drank her whole beer in Germany at Epcot and she had been looking forward to THAT ONE BEER all summer. Heaven forbid. It's overpriced beer.

10. While the majority of your time at Disney you probably felt like this towards your family...

At the end of your time there, you'll be happy that you spent this not-so-relaxing vacation with the people who annoy you you love most.

Good news! My traveling for the summer is now officially over. And yes, I'm actually happy about it. I'm looking forward to going home, getting into a routine, and not eating french fries for approximately three months. (Who am I kidding? I'll last a week.)


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Hayden Pigott said...

Oh my gosh you are so accurate! I've lived in Florida my whole life & when people come to visit they all want to go to Disney. They don't realize & they fail to see how awful it can be! It's fun...but so freaking hot at the same time. Loved this post & I'm sharing it with the rest of my Florida friends!
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