Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sundays in Bed

To say this month has thus far been a little bit unusually busy for me would be an understatement. I am rarely stressed out during the summer but wow, this week was just like, wow. I didn't even work that much, there was just a lot going on with the blog and then our toilet was being temperamental in our apartment. But the good news is we got it fixed on Friday!

I spent essentially all day Friday on my computer working on blog stuff, internship stuff, and answering e-mails. By the time 4pm rolled around, I was itching to get to the gym. Taking one quick break to walk to Starbucks downtown was just not enough. But today is Sunday, and as you know, my favorite day! A lot of relaxing will be done today.

So, without further ado, what's on my mind this week...

1. Thank goodness for Levo League's Pinterest page. These quotes got me through Friday, for real.

2. I saw this video on The College Prepster on Friday, and just had to share it. So perfect, and sooo what I needed to hear this week.

3. It's going to be seriously hard for me to shop at Forever 21 ever again knowing this. If they fired Chrissy Teigen at a shoot for being too "fat", then I'd hate to hear what they'd have to say about me-- a normal sized, 5'9" girl, who prior to hearing this, considered F21 one of my favorite stores. But I'm with Chrissy, I hate you, Forever 21. That is all.

4. On that note, women really should probably all stick together. (Easier said than done, I know. Friendly competition is like engrained in us, but it shouldn't be!) 8 things all women literally must stop doing.

5. Are you an avocado lover like me? My go-to breakfast will be your new favorite.

6. I've been kicking my butt in the gym this week and sleeping so incredibly well! Well, at least until the construction workers show up at 7am. (Urg.) As always, LC's got you covered with ten habits of always fit people.

7. If you missed it, I did a little blog challenge for! Check out what I'd wear at the Aria Las Vegas Resort & Casino.

8. So guilty of loving the Bachelorette. (Go Chris! Go!) Also so guilty of loving these recaps.

9. I needed something to calm me down this month. And my go-to is always music. Check out my latest playlist on Spotify below! Be sure to follow it as I'll update it throughout the month. It's the perfect mix of mellow and upbeat tunes to keep you going throughout July :)

Now enjoy your Sunday and relax, would you?!

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The Preppy Sisters said...

Love that quote, and I can't believe F21 fired a model for being too "fat", what kind of message does that send?