Thursday, July 31, 2014

School in Style No. 1: The Lady in Leopard

Is anyone really surprised that leopard has managed to stick around long enough to make it back to the fall runways? I've been on the hunt for cute leopard-y things to add to my wardrobe since last fall when they started making their comeback into the real world, but up until now I've been a little too scared to take the jump. I've been lusting over these flats for quite some time now though, so don't be surprised if I pull the trigger come mid-September.

Anyhow, with school starting up again in a little less than a month (not sure how I feel about it yet), I thought it'd be fun to do a little weekly series of fall looks for you all to rock when you head back to campus (or high school)! In case you didn't catch on by now, this week involves leopard. And lots of it! I'm in love.

"As far as I'm concerned, leopard is a neutral."
~Jenna Lyons

I'm definitely going to have to invest in something soon. And now I'm thinking that in addition to these flats, I'm definitely going to need these Tory booties too. The shopping struggle is always real my friends.



Lauren said...

Emily, this is such a great post! Leopard print to me never goes out of style. It is such a classic, and one of my favorite prints ;) I love how you organized these sets. Fabulous looks! Making me wish I had a marketing presentation ;)

Lauren xo

Sophisticated In Style

Emily Blauvelt said...

Thanks so much Lauren!