Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sundays in Bed

Sadness. The last Sunday before school starts up again. While I'll be spending the day catching up on all the work I chose not to do over the past week, you're probably heading out to a yummy brunch or doing something far more fun than homework. Lucky you! In my defense though, I spent the fair majority of my break running around between jobs and errands and occasional social outings. Such is my life, but that's the way I like it! 

The goal for today though is to get all my stuff done by early afternoon, head to work at 4 until 7 and then come home, have some dinner, hop into bed and pop in a movie. Or read... I've been really stinking at that resolution. And I even bought Mindy Kaling's book that I've been dying to read. I'll probably do that instead. But if you don't  have a super hilarious and witty book to read prior to hitting the hay, or if you're just laying around bored all day, then I've got you covered!

We Live and Breathe Words

1. Daylight savings time was last night/today/it happened alright?! I don't know about you all, but I cherish every hour of sleep I can get, so coping with losing an hour (even if it means one more hour of daylight!) is vital for my making it through this week.

2. Anybody else as awkward of a flirt as I am? Apparently the only time I'm remotely good at it is when I've had a couple so... without further ado, Cosmo's tips on how to be the "flirtiest" of the flirts. (Fair warning: they're all extremely forward.)

3. March Style Tips from LC!

4. Have you been hating on your friends for all their selfies lately? Stop now, because #selfies are back in.

5. My friend shared this on Facebook and I love it! A strong woman is often mistaken for a b****. It's time for that to stop, no?

6. I just recently discovered The Miss Information and it's super amazing! Definitely check it out, and take their tips on maintaining your style and your budget.

7. I've always wished that I lived in the 1920s. More specifically in England. If you watch Downton Abbey, then you know just exactly where I'd like to be (wishing I was Mary... minus the whole husband dying thing.) But alas, apparently I belong in imperial China. So Mulan's cool too I guess. What time period do you belong in?

8. Nothing quite like a Buzzfeed recap of Jennifer Lawrence being awesome to lift a girl's mood. #shesmyhero

9. I died reading this because every. single. one. is true. Every 20 something with even a semblance of a social life has friends who make these exits every Saturday night.

10. This post from Maxie McCoy (love her!) put into words perfectly everything I've been feeling for quite some time now. It's okay to stay at your upper limit.

A Day to Plan A Lot and Do Nothing

Enjoy today, and rest up! Or if it's the first day of your spring break, drink up and have some fun! You deserve it.



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