Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sundays In Bed

Sundays are my absolute favorite. Don't get me wrong, I love Saturdays too, but they're usually more busy and stressful. Sundays on the other hand mean sleeping in, brunches, and a day of relaxing in bed (at least if you're me!) And what makes this Sunday even more spectacular? The fact that I'm on spring break and have no school tomorrow!! So what if I'm not in Mexico? I get to sleep in (almost) every day and lounge around my house, with not a care in the world but blogging.

Okay, so maybe that's a little too ideal. But, if I had it my way, that's how it would be! It's essentially why I was in heaven for all most of winter break. I will be working away some of my days this break, between schoolwork and my job(s). I don't mind though, while I enjoy being lazy, the busy bee in me just won't quit. There's always something to do! But Sunday mornings? They're reserved for reading.

A Well-Read Woman is a Dangerous Creature

1. Can't ever start the week without reading my horoscope. Scary accurate.

2. Going somewhere for spring break? Meet the TSA's guidelines and pack your products right. There's nothing worse than watching your favorite shampoo get tossed in the trash can by some dude with an attitude problem.

3. Don't forget these packing tips  either (from none other than the main prepster herself, The College Prepster)! Make sure you have all your must-haves!

4. Now that you're packed, remind yourself of just how ready you are to get to the beach.

5. My first article for Her Campus!

6. If you love J. Law and have a lot of time on your hands, might as well read up on what it really means to be "a cool girl."

7. Guy problems? Chances are, it's probably not your fault. In their 20s, men are even more of a completely different breed of human.

8. I've been loving denim on denim lately, and I love these tips from LC even more!

9. If you're not going anywhere for spring break, or this never-ending winter is bumming you out/it seems like literally everything is going wrong, remember this. We all have our weeks right?

10. I'm not opposed to ending the weekend with a glass of wine (or two). Working the late shift tonight? Find out just what kind of drink you'll need once you're finally plopped down on your couch.

Sunday, the day for the language of leisure

I hope your day is spent relaxing and refueling. With the busy weeks ahead (summer come faster!), we could all use a little extra down time.


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