Sunday, March 9, 2014

International Women's Day Insta Love

So I don't know how many of you caught on to yesterday being International Women's Day but if you're on Instagram, then you probably were well aware. BUT, if you weren't aware, don't even worry about it! I've rounded up some favorites from all the insta love #IWD received yesterday. This is the first year I've really been aware of the day (sad since it's been a thing since 1910...), and it sparked this kind of energy in me that just had me running around all day long. What's even cooler? All of it is thanks to social media, which, if you're a social media nerd/lover/addict like me (you know you are!!), is SO awesome!

Random ramble: There are so many awesome things that I have to say about social media in general, but my absolute favorite part of the entire social media world is how amazing it is at connecting people from all over. I don't know why it fascinates me so much, or why talking about it makes me so excited... but it does and I love it and I officially love International Women's Day because of it.

I'm a girl who loves quotes, this is my kind of holiday...


Yours truly, Class and Sass

Happy International Women's Day #IWD. Thinking about all the amazing women in my life who made#AwardSeason so meaningful and memorable...#Mother #Daughter #Love

The newly launched Porter Magazine was killing it with all their amazing quotes yesterday. They are becoming one of my favorite Instagram accounts very quickly.

A strong woman, in her essence, is a gift to the world.

Don't let anyone push you around ladies. Being a woman is hard, and if you ask me, we don't get enough credit! If you've been needing a reminder of how great you are, this is it. Now go kick some ass.



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