Friday, February 7, 2014

Weekly Wonders: Instagram Edition

I really love Instagram... it's kind of one of my obsessions. I'm working on being artsy enough to become some kind of "cool" Instagrammer, but again, I lack in the creativity department. But what I lack in creativity I make up for in good writing (or at least I like to think so)! Anyways, I thought it would be fun to compile a list of my top ten favorite Instagram accounts for this week's round-up! All of these ladies are amazing role models for those of us with a love for style, fashion, and all things that seem effortlessly cool. I've read on a few of their blogs that they spend a lot of time setting up and staging photos, and for that I admire them.


These ladies/companies have it figured out. They capture beautiful photos that set them apart from so many others. The talent they have when it comes to putting together an amazing photograph is something I hope to acquire in the coming years. So unique, so perfect




Lauren said...

I love all these instagram pics you choose! One of my goals is to get better at taking instagram photos as well!


Emily Blauvelt said...

Thank you Lauren!

jamie-lee said...

I love Instagram too - it's a great way to get a little dose of inspiration, or share a quick moment. Garry Pepper Girl has to be one of my faves!

Emily Blauvelt said...

Yes! I love following her adventures, she's always in the most fascinating places!