Friday, January 31, 2014

Wishlist: The Perfect Bedroom

So, as of late I've been pinning a lot of home decor ideas on my Pinterest. I think the fact that I just signed a lease with my two best friends (!!!)  for our apartment next year has got me all excited. Since I've been living at home all year, I just moved back into my old room. I touched it up here and there, but there was no fresh start by any means. Although new bedding was involved... Bright pink, of course!

While I love this bedding from Lilly Pulitzer, I'm going to have to refrain from buying it as I'll be taking the new bedding I got this year to the apartment with me. BUT that being said, bedding isn't everything (just the centerpiece of a my opinion) and I've got some ideas up my sleeves for how to make my room next year my sanctuary. And yes, a lot of pink will be involved.

Take a peek at the looks that are inspiring me nowadays!

A De-Cluttered Desk

Simple Decor

Organized Shelf-Space

Light Up the Night

Not so sure this is allowed... but we'll see!

A Pop of Color

Show Off Your Closet

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Personal motto: the more pillows, the better.

Jewelry as decor? Yes.

Granted, I'm on a budget and my room will never look as nice as the rooms in these pics. At least not in the next five years anyway... Maybe seven. Fingers crossed post-college success comes sooner rather than later! Really though, learning how to budget is already proving to be extremely difficult.


Happy Friday!



Lauren said...

I love everything in this post! That desk is great!


Lottie22022 said...

Pinterest is a great place to lose track of time! I love the images you've chosen and white will always be suitable, any age & any time of year and its such a refreshing colour!
Loving your blog!

Lottie xx