Thursday, January 9, 2014

What to Wear: Stay Warm!

A girl doesn't need to watch the news to know that this winter is a cold one! I live in one of the coldest states in New England so dressing for winter weather has been instilled in my mind since I was a kid. However, I know a lot of you aren't used to these freezing temperatures, so I thought I'd go ahead and do another style post! (Not going to lie though, I've been dealing with them for ten years now and I'm still not used to them...)

The older I get, the more I realize I am a warm weather gal. Spring can come as soon as it wants to as far as I'm concerned, and the second finals are done summer can come around too! When the weather's too nice no school work gets done. And that is the only (I repeat, only...) reason I'm willing to wait until May for some summer weather. My grades depend on it.

It's hard prepping for different situations when the temperatures are so low. Check out these ideas!

Just a Cup of Coffee

So.. I'm that person who really hates to even leave her couch on days the temperature falls below 30. But there are some days you just have to go somewhere and actually make yourself look presentable. I like how simple this look is (perfect for a coffee date!), and better yet, the color of the bag is radiant orchid, the Pantone color of the year! Also lately I've been a sucker for anything leopard print. Plus the coat is a cute way to mix in a winter white!

So Little Time

It happens to the best of us. The same week we have a million and one things to do, we come down with a brutal cold. Between the congestion, coughing, sneezing and what not, who wants to put any kind of effort into how they look? On the days when all you want to do is stay in bed with a cup of tea, tie up your Bean boots (literally a lifesaver in this kind of weather..), throw on a comfy sweater and your puffer jacket, take a shot of DayQuil and hit the road!

 Never Gonna Leave This Bed

Sometimes my favorite days are spent laying in bed or on my couch perusing the internet and reading blogs. Throw an episode or two (or eight) of Gossip Girl in there and I'm as happy as a clam. I'm a firm believer in taking days to just relax and decompress; I have a tendency to be far too good at it as a matter of fact. When you need a day (I call them mental health days...), cozy up in some of these pajamas!

Note: fuzzy blankets are always recommended on mental health days.

Stay warm everyone!

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Lauren said...

I am with you, the older I get the more I realize I prefer the spring and summer to winter! If it weren't for snow and Christmas I don't know if I could make it through the winter season. I love the outfits you created!


Darcy said...

The colder it is outside the less I want to leave my house, haha. Love the outfits you created!

Emily said...

I know I hate this winter weather! Thank you ladies!

Majda Mehanovic said...

I can't agree more about school and spring! I'm so worried when spring finally comes (eeep!), I'll be ready to give up completely. And finals-let's not even think about finals. I love this post!


P.S. Can't wait to see your new apartment decorated!

Anonymous said...

your first board is wonderful! mh, i enjoy also winter, but i agree, i'm more a summer person. kind regards