Saturday, February 1, 2014

Weekly Wonders: Super Bowl Edition

I can't lie and tell you that I'm an avid football fan, that I watch all the games, or that I'm beyond excited for the Super Bowl this year. Tom Brady messed up that last game for the Pats and after that any interest I had in the matter faded quickly. And while I have decided to root for the Broncos this year (solely because I love Colorado), the things I'm most looking forward to are the commercials and the food. Naturally.

Side note: I'll never understand why they can't keep the Super Bowl in warm weather states. Those poor fans who have to sit and freeze just to watch a game. Halfway across the country no less! Or at least for this year's game...

The Best Commercial You May Ever See...

Courtesy of Budweiser. And yes, shedding a tear or two is perfectly fine. #nojudgment

A Treat for the Tiny Tikes

Seriously though, what kid wouldn't want to eat these?! They're adorable!

Bring On the Queso

The Best Super Bowl Ad to Never Happen

Aca-awesome. Points to Newcastle for witty humor.

Don't Forget the Wings

Keep it Themed

Orange and Blue drinks for the day the Broncos (hopefully) win it all...

Top it all off with the perfect table set!

Because no Super Bowl party would be complete without the over-the-top decorations, right?

Alrighty, ladies...

Enjoy your Super Bowl weekend! Spend time with friends and family, indulge in some good food, and drink responsibly! I'll be in Boston until tomorrow (we saw Lady Antebellum last night... AMAZING!!!) and then I'll be heading home to catch up on homework and sneak in some tasty snacks. Obviously.


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