Friday, January 3, 2014

Weekly Wonders

Truth be told, this week has kind of been not the best. The only fantastic part of it was that I got to visit family. Even though nearly every aspect of my life is just as it should be, there are some things that just tick you off. Annoying people, bad drivers, snow storms that delay flights (among other things...). All the little things just add up and I can't wait to get off the east coast and out to Colorado for a much needed vacation from my vacation. I'll be keeping up with the blog though so be sure to check in!

Wish me luck with flying out of Boston today... or at some point tomorrow (fingers crossed), and have a great weekend ladies!

The First "Weekly Wonders" of 2014!

Something to Remember...

(Note to self: You're in control of your life.)

Prettiest Touch of Pink
"I believe in pink." ~ Audrey Hepburn

Favorite Look
I dream in black and white...

Best in Bow

When in doubt, add a bow.

Biggest Craving

The cure for anything is salt water, right? In serious need of some beach time and vitamin D.

Good thing Colorado is sunny 300 days a year!


Lauren said...

I love all of these images!


Darcy said...

Oh no, I hope your flights weren't delayed this weekend!! I have a ton of friends traveling this weekend that all got delayed. :( Hope you made it safely!!

Emily said...

Unfortunately I couldn't get out at all :( My trip is just going to have to wait until the summer, but thank you!!