Tuesday, January 14, 2014

7 Steps to Limiting Stress

With school now back in full swing until May, I find it so incredibly easy to fall off the bandwagon. I swear my stress level dictates my life most days. I'm either too stressed out about school to do anything or so overwhelmed by school that all I want to do is clean, clean, clean. Last year when I was living in a room the size of a shoe box (you think I'm kidding...), I found that if I didn't keep my room clean and my teeny tiny closet organized that my already chaotic life would feel all the more chaotic. Ugh.

So, nowadays, my room is mostly always kept nice and tidy. I have quite a few methods to keep it that way, seeing as time as of late seems to be extremely limited. I love Sundays because it means that I can get everything situated for the week and finally feel like I have a glimpse as to what's ahead.

Limiting stress during the school week has always been a challenge of mine. I'm easily overwhelmed and sometimes it just sends me into this shutdown mode where all I do is watch Netflix and avoid the loads of work piling up on my desk. (And by desk I mean laptop.) Making sure I'm organized at the start of the week has become an incredibly important part of my life.

Check out these tips!

1. Invest in a good planner.

How cute is this planner from May Designs?! Usually monograms are kind of where I draw the line (sorry all you monogram lovers...), but this agenda is just too cute. I've become so reliant on my Kate Spade agenda throughout the school year. I have the black striped one and it's seriously a lifesaver. Between that and my mobile calendar, there's a 99% chance I won't be missing anything important. And thank goodness for that!

2. Write it all down.

Going along with the whole agenda thing, I write everything I have going on in the week down. I'm an avid list-maker; to-do lists, I love you. I make checklists in my planner and jot down my workout too. It helps immensely when it comes to planning out your day!


3. Coordinate.

It may be the anal side of me, but I have my closet color coordinated. I love how organized it looks and as silly as it sounds, it's inspired me to coordinate more things! My planner is color coordinated by class, so for each of my five classes what needs to be done is highlighted in a different color. I'm not exactly sure why, but it makes it so much easier to remember my assignments for each class. And plus, now when I'm shopping, I have a much better idea of what my closet looks like!

4.  Meditate.

Not many people are aware of this, but I actually take a few minutes to meditate every night. It helps to decompress after a long day. If you're thinking it's silly, no worries! I did too. As a matter of fact, I thought it was incredibly stupid for quite some time. But one night when I was having a hard time falling asleep, I gave it a try out of desperation. Now, going to bed without taking a little bit of time to breathe in, breathe out rarely happens. I legitimately have to be so exhausted that my mind shuts off on it's own and I just pass out. 

   5. Make health a priority.

Lately I've been finding more and more that to keep my stress levels under control I have to be taking good care of myself. I've got the healthy eating down pretty well now, thank goodness. And as for the exercising? I'm getting much better. Not only are the endorphins good for my mood, but by the time I hit the hay at night I'm SO ready to sink into my bed and sleep soundly. And if anything motivates a college student, it's getting to go to bed. 

6. Take a (Coffee) Break.

My best friends are lifesavers when I'm feeling stressed out. My best friends and coffee, that is. And when we're together, it's kind of a given that coffee will be involved. I am in no way shape or form a calm person, it feels like I'm constantly stressing about something. When there's an opportunity for me to get together with my friends for a quick break at Starbucks or even at the library, I take it. Nothing is better than a vent session with the people who know you best!

7. Call Mom.

When all else fails, call your mom. Or whoever was responsible for bringing you up and loving you throughout your awkward years. My mom knows me better than anyone, and I'm so thankful that I feel like I can go to her for anything. She'll let me be crazy and knows when to just give me a hug and let me cry. And Mom hugs really are the best. 

Have a great day ladies!

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