Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Play it Up! New Year, New Do

I don't know what it is about the new year that always has me wanting to switch things up with my hair, but every January I find myself in a constant state of confusion over whether or not to take the plunge. Go shorter? Grow it longer? Go dark or blonder? The struggle.

I really don't like my natural hair color. When people ask me what it is I tell them that it's closest to an ugly shade of mud... It just does not compliment me at all. Since I've been coloring my hair, I've always switched it up from some shade of brown to dirty blonde to blonde. I think I've finally come to terms with the fact that my personality is best suited for a blonde. (And no, I'm not implying anything about dumb blonde jokes... although we all have our moments, right?)

That being said, when I mentioned going shorter this summer to my hairdresser she was like "No! Why!" So no clue yet on whether or not that'll happen.

To keep boredom at bay, I've taken a look at some hairstyles I'd like to try this year! Check out my board on Pinterest for more ideas!

Play It Up

via Vogue

I love all these styles, and have attempted a few of them already. My go-to on a bad hair day almost always includes some kind of braid or pony. This longer, fuller ponytail is a favorite of mine. It makes it so easy to fool people into thinking my hair is longer than it actually is! Experimenting with my hair is one of my favorite things to do. Loose curls every day gets kind of boring after a while! Ya know?


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Abby Meade said...

I love those high pony tails! They always look so cute and I can never figure out how to get my hair to look that way!


Lauren said...

I really love all of those! I think the high ponytail and the braided french twist.


Emily said...

Wow they are all so gorgeous, but the waves are my favorite!