Friday, May 30, 2014

Foodie Fridays: "Ice Cream" Sandwiches

The other day I was Pinteresting (obviously) and came across this really yummy looking recipe. I love strawberries and graham crackers so this healthy alternative to your ice cream sandwich seemed like the perfect thing to make!

I was making these after dinner with my friend Steph (who took the photos.. thank you!), so that explains the wine. It's not an actual part of the recipe, although it is encouraged. Wine is always encouraged.

Super simple & yummy:

You'll need:

- 1/4 cup strawberries (diced)
- 1/2 cup cool whip
- 6 full crackers (makes 3 full sandwiches)

Dice your berries, you should have 1/4 cup!

Measure out 1/2 cup of cool whip and add to a bowl. Add the berries.

Stir the two together and place mixture on a graham cracker, make a sandwich and trim the sides!

Once you're done, just pop them in the freezer and let them freeze up! In an hour or so you'll have a low-cal "ice cream" sandwich!

Happy Friday!



FeliceRaina said...

this is so cool! i so have to try this!! I swear this entire week i've just been discovering so many yummy and healthy recipes through HCBN ♥

Emily Blauvelt said...

It's fantastic! Definitely recommend :)