Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sunshine and a Little Pink

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day here that it put me in the most amazing mood! I love, love, love the sunshine. And even though it was only 58 degrees, I made up a cup of coffee and settled in on my back porch to catch up on some reading! It was a beautiful and relaxing afternoon, and sometimes the best music to listen to are the songs the birds sing when the weather is especially nice. Am I right?

What I'm really excited for is summer. Not only will the sun be out, but I'll also be able to really focus on this little thing! I've got some plans for Class and Sass over the summer, and we're coming up on our six month anniversary at the end of this month! Stay tuned as I'm trying to set up something fun to celebrate, a giveaway perhaps? ;)

But in the meantime...

Summer sun means summer dresses, and what do most girls think of when they think summer dresses? Lilly. I have done some thorough stalking of the Lilly Pulitzer site, and oh. my. gosh. It's almost too perfect to handle. A few more paychecks and one of these items will be mine!

Check out my picks!

Lilly Pulitzer Cocktail Dresses · Lilly Pulitzer Day Dresses · Lilly Pulitzer Pants

Decisions, decisions! How's a girl to choose?!


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