Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sundays in Bed

Normally my posts start with a picture of a bed (hence the "Sundays in Bed" thing...), but for this post I thought I'd go with a relaxing by the pool theme. Seeing as I spent almost all day yesterday chilling by the pool with friends, I felt it appropriate. By the way, Luke Bryan was amazing. I think he got cuter since I saw him last year, which I didn't think was possible. Also, my voice took a hit from the concert-- probably won't catch me singing for a while!

This week has kind of been a whirlwind between packing (or rather, procrastinating on packing) and traveling, but it's been a fun week nonetheless! Tonight I'm packing up the last of my things and tomorrow morning I move into my apartment! Hard to believe. Yesterday my friend Caitlyn was talking about how weird it is we're all pretty much grown up now (she landed an awesome internship in DC for the summer), and yeah, it's all starting to kind of hit me. We're grown ups now.

A Sunday Kind of Love

2. Dating tips from 1938. Aren't you happy you're living now?

3. I got Regina George! If you ask my friends, I was way too excited about it... but c'mon, she's the Queen B. Which Queen B are you?

4. How cute are these coasters from Michelle Dwight?!

5. Jackie Kennedy's style never goes out of style. 5 fashion tips from Jackie O.

6. Love Divergent. Love The Fault in Our Stars. So no duh Shailene Woodley's on my radar. But yeah, she has some ridiculous quotes

8. All my friends are currently in the process of cleaning out their closets. Throwing out the old, bringing in the new, questioning why they ever wore that dress in the first place (tiger dresses... rawr). 3 steps to spring clean your wardrobe.

9. I love food. In case you missed it, Friday's ice cream post! Also, have you heard of nutella french toast cinnamon rolls? I want.

10. My upcoming travels have me in complete wanderlust (even more so than normal), and what I'd give to visit every single one of these places.



The Preppy Sisters said...

That's so awesome that you saw Luke bryan! I absolutely love him, I am going to be seeing him later this summer as well! Love this post, I definitely will be checking out the steps to spring clean your wardrobe, I need to clean mine still.


Emily Blauvelt said...

Cleaning out closets is such a pain! But necessary :/ Luke was amazing! You're going to have SO much fun!