Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The One Thing Every Girl Needs

Did you ever see Blair and Serena without their handy sidekicks? I'm talking bags ladies. And I'm thinking spring! It's no surprise that I'm obsessed with Gossip Girl, and I was just as obsessed with the fashion. If there's anything I firmly believe in investing in, it's bags. Well, bags and shoes. My weakness for shoes outweighs my love for bags, but either way, I spend a lot of money on the two.

I tend to gravitate towards larger bags, just because between classes and work and everything it's more convenient. Having all my must-haves in one place is extremely handy and plus, I kind of just love big bags. But when the warmer weather comes around and classes aren't in full swing, bags tend to become more of an accessory than a necessity. Anyone else with me here? Sometimes a cute bag is the cherry on top of an adorable outfit!

A Bag is An Investment

Still lusting over this bag... And I adore this color!

Perfect for a night out, no?

I love, love, love this bag. In every color. Rebecca Minkoff nailed it.

When I'm running errands, I tend to like functional bags more than I like cute bags. And that's mostly because on days I'm running errands I care far less about what I look like than I do on a day to day basis. But this bag's a nice touch, and I love the gray!

The only excuse I have for this one is that I love Kate Spade. And I love pink.

I always forget how much I love Calvin Klein. This bag is so simple but adorable. I love it in white too!

Seems like the perfect beach bag, doesn't it?

Just the fact that there's a bow and "ooh la la" is in it's name is good enough reason to love this bag for me.

It's the perfect shade of blue.

Spring, come faster!

A new season calls for a new bag, right? I can't wait for the sunshine, it seems like everything is better when it's warm and sunny! And everything is especially better when a new bag is involved... Have your eye on anything?



Adrienne said...

I love the red tote! I've been looking for a big bag, and, you are right, a bag is an investment. Maybe I can justify the purchase. :)
Great post!


Kelly La Forgia said...

I love your post! The Kate Spade Holly Street Rubie is so, so perfect, that color is amazing and super perfect for spring!