Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mark Your Calendar... 2 Days til NYFW!

It's like Christmas is happening all over again! Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week starts on February 6th in NYC, and I'm super excited. I dream of the day when I'll (hopefully) be in attendance. And on that day, my life will be made.

NYFW is going to take the city by storm this week, with shows all over town. I mean, Alexander Wang is taking his show to Brooklyn! Attendees might be running all over the place, but I'm sure none of them are complaining. From what I hear, NYFW's a whirlwind of fun and I've never heard a soul complain about it.

While this week will be previewing Fall 2014, thirty degrees isn't necessarily ideal weather for looking your best. These girls know how to look chic and stay warm! Take a look or two from their book, and you're set to go for what will hopefully be the last month of winter. Check it out!

Stay Warm!


Happy (Almost) Fashion Week Everyone!



Lauren said...

Love New York Fashion week and I love all these looks you included in this post!


Dana Ivy @ I Adore What I Love said...

Love love love each ladie's style! My fav is probably the girl in black and white with red heels - I would totes rock that!

Dana Ivy