Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Girl's Night In: Valentine's Day Edition

So I've never exactly been one for Valentine's Day. Maybe it's because I've never been completely and totally in love with someone, but even then it seems a little bit overrated. I try to avoid hating on things here, but in all honesty to me it's kind of just an over-commercialized holiday. Call me a scrooge, I don't care!

You know how in high school and middle school everyone used to refer to Valentine's Day as Singles-Awareness Day? I start to laugh when I think back on it. I think I've received one Valentine's Day gift from a boy in my life, and it was my sixth grade boyfriend. I treasured that cute little teddy bear for the whole time we "dated". Gotta love middle school, right?

My friends and I are a bit older now, we have a bit more experience, and some of us are in love. So there's hope! Others of us are a bit jaded. Blame it on our twenties. I like to think of Valentine's Day as a day to be thankful for all the love surrounding me.

This year, my best friend and I are having our own little Valentine's Day celebration. Valentine's Day also just happens to fall on a Friday, so count on wine, cute movies, and cookies being involved. It's not like we have anyone to impress! If you're spending Valentine's Day with your closest girlfriends this year, take a few of these ideas to make it one fun night! (Note: Avoid focusing on the whole "you're single" aspect of everything.)

Single's Awareness Day? No Way!

Some girls may have boyfriends, but we have these cookies... So who's the real winner here?

Take a cue from Lauren Conrad and set up a cute plate set, complete with DIY sequin heart hair clips!

Strawberries on a stick paired with chocolate fondue? Again, who's the real winner here?

Hot chocolate tends to be a staple for me and my best friend in the winter time, so why not give this pink velvet hot chocolate recipe a try?

Or if you're looking for a little something stronger... this wine cocktail is sure to do the trick!

All that's left is to pop in a corny 80s movie and chat away the night! Didn't Carrie Bradshaw say our girlfriends are our real soul mates anyway?


Lauren said...

I love all of these party ideas!


Adrienne said...

These ideas are adorable! I think that this is how I'm going to be spending Valentine's Day this year too... But of course, it's still us that are the real winners. I absolutely have to try the pink velvet hot chocolate! Thanks for sharing!


maria at inredningsvis said...

AWW what a cute post :) and Im so happy to follow you

Check out my new post..HOT travel inspiration….Yucatan :)

Have a lovely day dear

LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)

Emily Blauvelt said...

Thanks Lauren! And my thoughts exactly, Adrienne :) The hot chocolate is on my list of things to try as well!

Thank you Maria! I'm loving your blog!