Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sundays In Bed

Happy Sunday loves! I hope your day is relaxing and started with a delicious brunch! Enjoy relaxing before Monday hits, I'm not feeling so ready for this one...

What caught my eye this week...

1. You know those days where you just want to lay out in the sun on the beach by yourself, and listen to the waves, and nap and read? The 10 best summer beach reads for the summer. Adding them all to my list!

2. I've pulled a few late nights working this week. Maybe it's all paying off in the long run?

3. I needed a pick me up yesterday afternoon, and this little throwback totally did the trick. The puppy, the puppy! I die.

4. Confession. I'm seeing One Direction at Foxboro on Monday. Confession #2: I'm completely excited about it. In love with this song. #judgeme

5. Miss my bachelorette finale recap?

6. Definitely want to try out Mary's sangria! Looks so good and refreshing for summer!

7. Get your leopard fix with these back-to-school outfit ideas.

8. In love with this hairdo.

9. What it really means to be strong...

10. I've updated my July playlist! Check it out :)

Here's to another great weekend!


1 comment:

The Preppy Sisters said...

Great playlist, I love the ed sheeran song! And I love one direction, nothing to be ashamed of!