Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Past 36 Hours

If there was a motto I've been abiding by for the past 36 hours it's this one:

That's actually all I can say about the past two days because they were, for lack of a better word, a shit-show. You know those weeks when everything is just going so bad/weird? But everything that happens isn't detrimental to your existence or long-term happiness? It's just when life is so random and awful and nuts at the same time that you seriously just have to laugh. 

Your recap, because sometimes my life can be slightly comical.

WARNING: Some of this information people would find inappropriate, but it's my blog and I'll be honest with y'all.

Things that happened when Emily and Paige left to go see Luke Bryan in New York Sunday morning.

Full disclosure here folks. You were warned.

We easily spent $200 between gas, food, beverages, parking, and coffee in the span of 12 hours. We're in college. We get stuck in traffic in literally the most tempting place on the planet. Outlets. The J. Crew outlet. The shoe sales. Sneak in a quick sing-a-long to "Ain't Nothin' 'Bout You" by Brooks & Dunn because duh. Get to the concert venue, spy cops. Just like that $30 worth of beverages is gone. Whatever, cops. Sit in car in wrong parking lot fuming about lost money and (eh, hem) beverages. The cops are gone! We're leaving and hitting the nearest gas station. Cops can't get us down! $20 later and a few white lies to the gatekeepers so we didn't have to pay for parking again and we're back in business! Let's find our friends and have fun! Can't find our friends. Decide to have fun anyways. I have to go to the bathroom. Phone is in back pocket. You see where this is going? Phone is in toilet. 

You needn't know the rest, but I am now using a great lil flip phone that the woman I work for gave me to use for the next week! Woo! Here comes the carpal tunnel. Still, I'm semi-connected to society so really, thank-freakin-goodness. 12 hours pass. Children I nanny consistently make fun of me for dropping my phone in a toilet. Roommates make fun of me for dropping my phone in a toilet. My old, previously undamaged iPhone is sitting pretty in a bag of rice.

I got back to my apartment last night and some stupidhead was parked in my parking space. #annoying And yes, I called for a tow. #sorrynotsorry #suckstosuck #atleastyouhaveacellphone Had to move my car back to my parking space once stupidhead's car was gone, and couldn't find my keys anywhere. Here's the kicker: they were in my car!!! Good.

I'm down a phone, about 17 notches of patience, and 30,000 units of sanity. The plus side? I'm up about three good stories and a s*** ton of laughing.

That's all I've got for you. Happy Tuesday.
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Sarah Elizabeth said...

Haha, fab post!
We all have those days, I think the best way to deal with it is just to laugh :)
Your blog is absolutley gorgeous!
Sarah xx