Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Go-To Beauty Products

I've taken years to perfect my getting-ready routine. I remember in middle school, I use to wake up every morning at 6 (school started at 8:40) so that I could do my hair and make-up and whatever else I did and make it to school on time. Looking back on those days, and even high school, I'm like, "Holy crap, what on earth did I do for two and a half hours in the morning?" It honestly blows my mind because now I wake up 45 minutes to an hour before I need to be anywhere, and I'm almost always ready in under half an hour. #thankgoodness

I attribute the improvement of my get-ready time to my go-to products. We all have our favorites, but these are the things that make my life easier. It will take a lot for me to stray from them. A lot.

L'Anza Healing Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner This stuff is amazing. My hair gets dry really fast with generic shampoos and conditioners, but I exercise regularly and so my hair also gets gross if I'm washing my hair every day. I usually wash my hair every other day (depending on how crazy my schedule is), and L'Anza has literally been a lifesaver. My hair has never been so healthy, although I gotta say, it's going to need a trim soon! (Ugh.)

benefit cosmetics They're Real! Mascara I hate my eyelashes. I stuck with Maybelline until I received a sample of this mascara with my Sephora points. I fell in love. I'm not one to obsess over mascara, but this does wonders for those of us who aren't genetically blessed in the eyelash/eye area (is that a thing?). Anyhow, try it out! You won't regret it.

MAKE UP FOREVER Microperfecting Primer My skin is easily irritated, and while my tinted moisturizer does wonders when I'm having a not so great skin day, this primer also works miracles. The green tint helps to minimize redness and I'm basically in love with it.

Hourglass Illusion Tinted Moisturizer A very friendly cosmetologist at Sephora convinced me to buy this after giving me a makeover. It was an exciting day. That was last summer and I haven't left this moisturizer's side. I can throw it on right after my primer and call it a day if I'm not feeling the whole make-up routine that day. It's like a skin perfector, seriously. Blemishes be gone!

Aveeno Positively Radiant Brightening Cleanser I only wash my face at night because it gets too dry if I wash it twice a day, but I've been using this stuff for a couple months now and I've actually noticed a change in how my skin looks. It looks more alive and refreshed, which when I'm working until 3am, is extremely helpful.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel I love putting this stuff on before my primer and tinted moisturizer in the morning. Sometimes I mix the three together and lather it on if I'm running a little late. It's the perfect hydrating lotion for mornings when my skin is feeling a little dry. (Read: in the winter it's actually a god-send.)

What are your go-to beauty products?

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Rachel Polansky said...

Love this post! I'm obsessed with They're Real... definitely one of the best mascaras

Lauren said...

I always love reading about other peoples go-to beauty products! Love the new blog design!


Erika Ashley said...

I really love the Bliss Oxygen & Vitamin C cream!
I've nominated you for a Liebster award!