Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fall Jackets Under $100

Fall is my favorite time of year, hands down. Mostly because of all the cinnamon-y, delicious, apple-y food. But following in a close second place, are jackets. I've always had this weird fetish with them, and am constantly on the look out for more. But you'd be surprised to find that my collection is actually really pathetic. I think I just have a hard time splurging on things when I know they're seasonal. Actually, I kind of just have a hard time splurging on things in general (except, of course, on Black Friday or Cyber Monday... but even then, they're on sale.)

Being cozy to me is all about layering, and I just love throwing on a sweater, jeans, scarf, cozy socks, and topping it all off with the perfect fall jacket. Last year I convinced my mom to buy me a cute olive green quilted jacket from Nordstrom for my birthday, but I'm thinking my jacket collection still needs some TLC. Then again, so does my budget... So, on a budget I will be!

It's always hard to convince myself to make an investment, even when I know it will be well worth it. Jackets are things that I feel should be splurged on, especially where I live. It's winter for basically 6 months out of the year so I need warmth, style, and comfort... Sometimes not an easy combo to come by. Goal for the cooler months ahead? Invest in a new, nice jacket! (But until then, I'll stick to the jackets above.)

Do you have a favorite jacket you go back to time and time again?



Lauren said...

I love that Boho red coat! All of these are such wonderful finds!


Ellen said...

Great fall jacket picks, Emily! I love fall as well, and I can't wait for it to get cooler!

Ellen | A Pop of Pink