Thursday, September 25, 2014

Good Reads

I've been battling this rotten cold since Sunday, and it legitimately sucks. All I want to do is curl up in bed forever and read every book imaginable in between naps. Like, how nice would that be? But guess what. Life must go on and I can't wait until this weekend when I hopefully have some recovery time (most likely to occur whilst procrastinating on writing a paper and studying for an exam...). 

Yesterday I may not have had classes but I did work 13 hours straight. So that was fun! Safe to say I climbed into bed and passed out, after attempting to read for 15 minutes.

I went to write the summaries/synopses (is that even the right plural for synopsis?), but then I realized I was exhausted and had only read four of the ten books on the list. So in my complete and utter laziness, I looked up the summaries. Turns out the internet is a lifesaver for bloggers who don't feel like writing summaries of books they want to read. Click away!

1. The Diamond as Big as the Ritz F. Scott Fitzgerald 
It's Fitzgerald, what's not to love?

2. It's Not Love, It's Just Paris Patricia Engel 
So I actually have read this one. And I enjoyed it. Definitely not my favorite book ever, but it's a cute, quick read. If you enjoy stories about young love, this is one for you.

Own this book. Have yet to read it. But I love Audrey Hepburn and think she led an incredibly interesting and fulfilling life, so I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

4. The Tender Bar J.R. Moehringer

5. The Giver Lois Lowry 
I saw the movie and thought it was extremely eye opening and moving. Now I fully plan on making the book the next thing I read. (p.s. Go see the movie if you haven't yet.)

6. Me Before You Jojo Moyes

7. The Fault In Our Stars John Green 
Oh my gosh, this book is hands down one of my all-time favorites. If you haven't read it yet you probably live under a rock. Either that or you really just hate crying. I bawled during this book, and I bawled during the movie. Both so, so good.

9. The One & Only Emily Giffin
I loved Something Borrowed and Something Blue. They were both such fun and quick reads. So no wonder I want to read this one!

10. To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee
A classic. And another one of my all-time favorites that I could read over again and again. You probably should too.

Any good book recommendations?



Lauren said...

Colds are the worst, I hope you feel better very soon! I love you book recommendations, I have read some but you have given me a few new book suggestions!


Nicole C. said...

Great book choices! I am always looking for new books to read. definitely bookmarking & pinning this post to reference next time I head over to Barnes & Noble! XO, Nicole @

Zoe @ La Vie en Zoe said...

Whenever I'm sick... I just want to read whatever crap I can get my hands on that I don't have to think too much about! In high school, I read the "Private" series and it was so my guilty pleasure that I would read when I was sick. I love the Giver... and I'm not sure how I feel about the movie yet. I feel like it's... much different. Maybe not good different. Anyways, great picks! I'll definitely be checking some of these out (Audrey Hepburn, It's Not Love, It's Paris).

Zoe | La Vie en Zoe