Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What To Do This Fall

Fall is my all-time favorite season. Where I live, people come visit for the foliage. And I can't say I blame them because it's all just so gorgeous around this time of year. We got a taste of fall this past week, and while we seem to be getting one more heat rush, I still find myself dreaming of apple picking and hot cider.

Fall has always been the best of seasons for me because it's when my birthday is (less than three weeks to 21 people!!), but it's also a favorite amongst a lot of my family members. My parents always made it special growing up by carving pumpkins and making pies and doing all that fun stuff. To this day, the smell of apples is an instant mood-booster (although, that might just be because I love apple pie.)

Basically, a lot of eating will be involved... (Guess who'll be hitting the gym more!!) Seeing as I already checked making apple crisp off the list, I didn't include it. But, if you're up for making your own "Fall To Do" list, be sure to add this apple crisp recipe from Martha Stewart to it. I used it to make mine and it was a hit!

What's on your fall to do list?



Lauren said...

Happy Birthday month! I love the fall list you came up with - the apple cake sounds delicious!


Emily said...

Apple cake is so delicious! Last year I made apple spice cupcakes with a caramel filling - so delicious!

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