Saturday, April 26, 2014

Life As of Late

In case you all haven't caught on by now, the past few months have been insanely hard to get through. Between my super busy schedule, and some personal ups and downs, I've just felt a little lost. And I get it, feeling lost sometimes is part of growing up, but I'm a little over it.

Now that school is winding down (come Wednesday I'm basically on summer break!!), I'm extremely grateful after having gotten through the past two months. School was busy, work was busy, my internships were busy, and life was just go, go, go. But that's how it's always going to be right? When life pushes you down, you can't just stop. You've gotta just keep... going.

Life as I know it... and all it's complications

Every week starts like this. Monday.

And then I'm forced to realize,

Thinking about attending my 8am (which inevitably never happens), and then realizing that lab starts at 9:30am.

So I walk into lab like

A process that is repeated every Wednesday. But Tuesdays aren't much better.

Public Speaking.

Wednesday. See above. Except for I have one more class.

Thursday morning- Internship day (the one part of the week I actually enjoy... getting paid to sit on my computer and work with people on social media)!!

#hashtags are everything.

And then I have public speaking again.

But when I kick butt on my ceremonial speech I'm like

How I plan on spending my three hour class Thursday night.

Realizing there's no wifi OR 3G in said classroom...

Thursday night. Binge-watching Scandal on Netflix and wine.

Lol just kidding I don't need help, just more wine.

Waking up the next morning....

WAIT it's Friday!!!

Then realizing that I have to look good tonight and I drank a bottle of wine last night...

... Back to bed.

Friday night when I remember why I don't go out.

Hearing about all the fun my friends had Friday night for the rest of the weekend...

Call me the loser of the bunch, I can handle it.

I still secretly think I'm as cool as Queen B.

Never said it was glamorous. The countdown to summer is on ladies!!

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