Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sundays in Bed

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your day is filled with relaxing and preparation for the week ahead. I'm especially happy today because it is the last Sunday before classes are over. I am three days away from summer break. Three.

Okay, so I have one exam on the last day of finals (May 9), but I'm essentially free. And that is the best feeling ever. Another school year behind me, and one more to go before the graduation of all graduations... unless you're in med school or law school or something, then I suppose undergraduate graduation seems mediocre.

BUT I'm not a med student or a law student, and unless I find a job that pays for my grad school, I am one year away from being 100% done with school. For life! *Jumps for joy*

So, moving on...

What I've Been Loving this Week

1. I can't get enough of this little guy. He is the prince of all princes, and if I were 9 months old I would totally call dibs (and not just because I'd get to be a princess.)

2. In case you missed yesterday's post... I definitely got a little GIF happy (I'm kind of on a kick, can you tell?). But it was too good to resist.

3. I intern for one of the best underwear company's out there, and we're currently running an amazing giveaway! Enter away!

4. You know how you always have that one friend you always have a good time with? Who you're not afraid to be 100% completely yourself around? The one person you would tell anything? The person with whom you've done 98% of the stupidest things in your life with? That's right, I'm talking about your best friend. And right now you're smiling because you're thinking of them-- whoever they may be.

5. For those of you who don't already know, I recently launched a different blog that is in NO WAY associated with Class and Sass. I'd like to introduce you to my far more sassier self, and my thoughts on life as a millennial and dating. LL&V (Life, Lemons, & Vodka) is live! Let me know what you think :)

6. Special shout out to fellow HCBN blogger Elizabeth from October June. I loved her post yesterday, it totally inspired me to start appreciating the little things life has to offer all around me!

7. I can't wait to see The Other Woman-- it looks hysterical. And it definitely helps that the stars of the film are just as funny off screen. I mean, if your friend doesn't try to torture you while you're passed out cold, are you really friends at all?

8. I've recently discovered my love for quinoa. This recipe and this recipe were both amazing! Definitely give it a try, and they're perfect healthy dinners (everything in moderation of course...)

9. I love Cory and Topanga. That is all. Every girl deserves a man as good (and funny) as Cory. I mean, for the love of God, how perfect of a relationship can you get?? 

Enjoy your Sunday :)


Alex @ Undergraduate Style said...

Ahhhhh I love Prince George as well :D

Sarah said...

Cory and Topanga seriously are the cutest. I can't wait for Girl Meets World!!

xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins | Bloglovin

Emily Blauvelt said...

I know! I don't even care that it's on Disney Channel, I'll definitely be watching ;)

Emily Blauvelt said...

He's adorable and those GIFs cracked me up!