Tuesday, April 15, 2014

When It Rains, You Lose Your Starbucks

Today I woke up to birds chirping and my pup snuggled up against me. My window was slightly open and I had spent all night sleeping to the calm sound of the rain. I love the rain--when I'm inside and I can observe the kind of peace that comes along with it. Put me outside in it, and I absolutely hate it.

For example, today I woke up at 8 for a 9:30am work meeting. Ate some breakfast, got ready, went to my meeting. When I went into work for my meeting, it was relatively nice out. Come outside after my meeting, it's drizzling. Came back home to make a quick lunch and drag myself to class. 

While I was making my salad, I kept contemplating whether or not I wanted to take my last freebie for this class I have today. Yesterday was super busy, today's schedule was pretty busy, and I only have two weeks left of school. So I decided to suck it up and be productive.

Worst decision I made today.

I got my stuff together, grabbed my umbrella and a very poorly made raincoat (regretfully a decent raincoat is not an item that I own... dumb I know), and set out to Starbucks. When I left Starbucks with my tall skinny latte in hand, I started to think, "Good choice Em, great job. Proud of you for actually going to class." And then I got to school. The drizzling rain had turned to straight out rain and conveniently enough, my campus is on top of a hill-- prone to extreme wind which makes already bad weather seem downright terrible. Suck it up Em. You're going to thank yourself later on. Really, you are... I promise.

 Not. So I opened my umbrella, grabbed my bag and Starbucks, and started walking to class. I didn't even make it halfway to class before my umbrella was completely inside out thanks to the unbelievable wind. But I couldn't set my Starbucks down because it too would blow away. I put my latte between my knees, tried to tame my umbrella, and before I knew it my latte was on the ground and my umbrella had essentially lost the battle against the wind.

I gave up on today right there.

It wasn't even 11am and I was 110% done with today. So now, I'm at home, writing blog posts and drinking a homemade cup of coffee (ugh), listening to the patter of the rain against my windows. Some things are better left observed than experienced I suppose, rain being among them. I don't know how fun dancing in the rain is, but I have a pretty good feeling I'd strongly dislike it. And in other news, I'm starting to think some place sunny and warm is where I'm destined to be post-college. The struggle is real my friends, but hey, at least I made a valiant effort to drag my butt to school.

Long story short, rainy days are for staying indoors.

p.s. You can bet I'll be investing in a rain coat sooner rather than later.



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