Monday, December 9, 2013

What to Wear: The Interview

"What is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it." ~ Yves Saint Laurent

For so many college students, deciding what to wear to an interview-- whether it be an informational interview or an interview for a job position-- is an extremely daunting task. Girls are taught from an early age that showing too much cleavage, too much leg, too much anything for that matter, is not professional. And as much as I agree with this, it does create a problem in that all of a sudden it becomes extremely easy to drown in your clothes. Another no-no. So what does one wear to an interview?

I've been wanting to do an outfit post since Thanksgiving, but wasn't exactly inspired to do so while studying for four finals. Now that those are over, I can finally revel in my latest purchase (Mom would say my latest splurge... but in my defense it was an amazing Black Friday steal!)-- the Kate Spade Southport Ave Linda bag. Here's where my materialistic tendencies come in, I am absolutely in love with this bag. So naturally, the bag comes into play for the first outfit of this post.

The Semi-Professional Interview

For certain interviews, going all out in professional attire isn't necessarily required or encouraged. In my experience, there is nothing more difficult than finding a balance between business casual and professional style. That being said, I've found that the best thing one can do is dress on the more formal side. Everyone I have ever spoken to in a professional atmosphere has told me it is better to be a little overdressed than completely under-dressed! 

The Lilly Pulitzer peplum sweater has been a favorite of mine since I first set my eyes on it a month or so ago. Sarah from Classy Girls Wear Pearls wore it in a post, and I loved how she styled it. I chose to style it a little differently and tailored it more to my style. The bag featured here is the same style bag I purchased from Kate Spade, except for I purchased mine in hot pink. It is the perfect size for carrying around school supplies and it fits my laptop, which is a huge plus! The black top is from Topshop; I've been really into embellished tops lately. It took every ounce of my strength to not buy it (next paycheck...). Last but not least, the deep purple pants and black wedges finish off the outfit. 

Interview Semi-Professional

The thing I've found most stressful when it comes to interviews of a more serious nature is deciding on an outfit that not only is professional, but also shows a bit of personality. A resume can only say so much; what really makes or breaks the deal is how you carry yourself throughout an interview. I firmly believe that wearing an appropriate outfit you feel your most confident in is the key to achieving an attitude to help you present yourself to the best degree. 

I wanted to do an outfit with a pencil skirt because I know they tend to be a staple for many women in the business world. The most important thing when deciding on a pencil skirt is making sure the skirt is not too short. It should hit at the knee or right above the knee, and I prefer wearing them with tights as well.

I warned you I love embellishments. This is yet another top I would love to own, but for those of us on a budget... It's safe to say keep dreamin'. The booties with this outfit are from C. Wonder and I love, love, love them. With this outfit, I wanted to incorporate something fun but not overwhelming. The light blue bag against the navy blue trench coat does just that. 

Whatever situation you find yourself in, how you dress yourself is also a way of presenting yourself. Unless I'm heading to the gym, I really try to make myself look presentable (even on those days where I have no desire to leave my bed). The thing is, you never know who you're going to meet. Don't ever forget-- there's a reason they say, "dress to impress"!


Courtney said...

great ideas! i'll definitely be using some soon since I'm graduating from college this May.

Emily Blauvelt said...

Thank you! Congratulations on graduating soon, good luck!