Friday, December 27, 2013

Weekly Wonders

It's over! My favorite holiday also tends to be the most stressful holiday. Making sure to buy all the important people in your life gifts that you really, really, really hope they love puts a girl under quite a bit of pressure. I'm happy to say I think I did really well this year, although the people I love aren't necessarily hard to please... I mean, my brother got gift cards to every fast food restaurant imaginable and was beyond thrilled.

Anyways, now that Christmas is over and the only thing really left of the holiday season is New Years, I feel like I can finally breathe. Thank goodness! I'm anxiety-ridden enough without gift giving being involved. I know I said it yesterday, but I hope you gave gifts people loved and received gifts that put a smile on your face. 

Here's to the next holiday season, and the last "Weekly Wonders" post of 2013!

Favorite Little Tip

Best Holiday Look

Favorite Article

Tastiest New Year's Treat

Best Advice

Favorite Hair-Do

Have a wonderful Friday and an amazing weekend ladies!

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Lauren said...

I really like those red tights with that dress, I would have never thought to do that!


Emily said...

I thought it was so adorable! Loved her look, had to share!


Anonymous said...

I love the red tights with the dress, and ads so much to the look. I love your blog and I just followed. It would mean the world to me if you could check out my blog as well. Looking forward to more posts!

Vett Vandiver said...

thanks for sharing these!!

AEKK said...

I had a happy Christmas as well! It was so great in the last week. Of course the most exciting thing is the happy new year 2014. Let's get crazy!
Happy New Year! :)

Emily said...

Thank you both!!

Eleanor Marie said...

I totally agree! It's nice that the holiday rush is over.
Cheers and Happy Holidays,

Jenn said...

I agree, that outfit is the best of the season.

Emily said...

Happy holidays to you too Eleanor!

And yes I'm in love with that oufit, she nailed it!

Dana Ivy @ I Adore What I Love Blog said...

Loving your blog! Just randomly stumbled upon it :)

Dana Ivy - Check out my blog!

Emily said...

Thank you! Looking forward to checking yours out more as well!