Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Have A Very Lilly Christmas!

I honestly don't know a soul who doesn't have some kind of love affair with Lilly Pulitzer. For anyone who follows the brand on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., then you must know about the #buymelilly campaign that's going on right now. I'm kind of a social media addict, and there are very few brands with as much of a web presence as Lilly Pulitzer. Definitely follow... The things they post are so cute and fun!

The adorable designs, colors that pop, and the signature Lilly look are just a few reasons to love the brand. While browsing through their holiday gift guide I came across an abundant amount of items that I would love to have. Take a look!

#buymelilly ...

Can you blame me for making one of my 2014 style resolutions investing in more Lilly pieces? This is quite the quick post, but it's Christmas Eve after all! I hope you all have a wonderful time with your family and friends. May tomorrow bring you all the things that are on your Christmas wishlist!

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Lauren said...

I love Lilly Pulitzer I can never get enough of their things, everything is so bright, cute, and stylish! I love all of your picks!